Please feel free to email me with any site-worthy news concerning the band or its former members.

July 00
*Rumors abound of a Mike Wead solo project in the works; as well as, yet another project
Mr. Wead will be partaking in...

May 00
*Marco Nicosia (Hexenhaus, Fifth Reason, Hemisfear and Seventh Key) & Esko Salow of Pathos
recently interviewed within the Metal Rules site.

October 99
*Memento news courtesy of the Metal Rules site. Click here, now!!!

September 99
*Finally some (alright a little) info on the Memento Mori Click here, now!!!

April 99
*The latest info on Marty Marteen. Click here, now!!!

February 99
*The latest info on Fifth Reason from Kristian Andren. Click here, now!!!

December 98
*The latest info on Fifth Reason from Simon Johansson. Click here, now!!!

November 98
*The latest info from Heathendom Music on Hemisfear. Click here, now!!!

October 98
*Two new interviews, in the interviews section (of course).

September 98:
*The latest info from Heathendom Music. Click here, now!!!
*The latest info straight from the Man. Click here, now!!!
*The latest info on Hemisfear. Click here, now!!! 

August 98:
*Read the latest information concerning Mike Wead's other projects.

July 98:
*Related news: Mike Wead has formed yet another project with the bassist from Mercyful Fate
 and the guitarist from Fifth Reason.  The band is called Hemisfear and a album will be	
 released soon on Heathendoom.

June 98:
*Added to history section

Apr 98:
*Latest news from Black Mark: Memento Mori will be recording a new album later this year.

Mar 98:
*Added new review and updated links.

Feb 98:
*The server that hosts this page went down and I lost some information concerning this page.

Dec 97:
*The true Memento Mori releases "Songs for the Apocalypse, Vol 4"
*I recently ordered cd called "Phase V" from a band calling themselves Memento Mori. 
 Beware this is not the same band that this page is devoted to.  This band plays some 
 retro 80's new wave trash. I wasted my money, don't waste yours.

Nov 97: 
*Heathendoom Music relays the latest concerning Kristian Andren. 

Oct 97:
*Fifth Reason, Kristian Andren's new band releases "Psychotic".
Sep 97:
*Mike Wead slated to become new Mercyful Fate guitarist

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