The band Memento Mori could not have chosen a more appropriate
name. It was thought that they would die after their first
album "Rhymes of Lunacy." After all the band was formed by
five guys who were all engaged in other projects. Mike Wead
was King Diamond's guitarist. Messiah Marcolin had just quit
Candlemass and was currently playing with his band Messiah's
Sabbath. Snowy Shaw was playing with Mercyful Fate, and Marty
Marteen had been playing with Hexenhaus. The last band member
Nikki Argento, the experienced newcomer. In essence this band was a 
side project.

This side project appeared to be becoming a full time band. A
second album, "Life, Death, and Other Morbid Tales," was
recorded and released. But just as it appeared that the
project might actually last, two key members quit the
band. Messiah and Snowy were out. It appeared that this would
be the death of Memento Mori. Fortunately, being the group
that they are, they persevered through this time. The band did
however face the task of replacing the two lost members. For
Snowy, they brought in Billy St. John from Hexenhaus. Messiah,
however, would be hard to replace. Finding a vocalist of his
talent proved to be a task. They prevailed and found a new vocalist in the
band Tad Morose, a man named Kristian Andren.

With Kristian and Billy now in the band, they hit the studio
to record their third album "La Danse Macabre." This album,
along with the other two, made them an underground phenomena.
Everything now appeared to be in place. The music was better
than ever and they appeared to have a stable line up. As you
know by now, this lineup could not last. Both Kristian and
Billy left the band. 

With Memento Mori appearing to be falling apart again, Mike
Wead left to tour with Mercyful Fate (and later became full
time replacement for Michael Denner). It appeared that the
band was finished.

NOT SO!!! 

It was a mere hiatus for Memento. The band regrouped (though
back to a side project) and recorded their forth album "Songs
for the Apocalypse, Vol IV." They recruited Memory Garden
drummer Tom Bjorn to replace Billy, and vocalist
extraordionaire Messiah Marcolin was back in the fold.

So, the band, no matter how many times they appear to be
doomed, they return. A new album is planned for late
this year. . .


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